About my baby’s eczema 關於我bb 既濕疹

**please beware that the photos might be scary for you


My baby is suffering from eczema since she was 1-month-old. After prolonged usage of steroid cream and non-steroid cream from dermatologist, her skin could only be recovered for a short while and became even worse after increasing dosage for a few times. Last April, I tried homeopathy for her, her skin broke out seriously. It was totally out of control, after a month of struggling, I tried my own formula of rescue oil and calendula salve, together with the usage of colloidal silver, her skin is getting better after weeks of slow progress. I have modified the formula throughout the period and now I would like to share my formulated product to anyone in need to sooth their skin problem.

我bb 由滿月開始就有濕疹問題,斷斷續續用了皮膚科醫生的類固醇及非類固醇藥膏超過半年,每次加大劑量後都只有短暫時間好轉,不停復發,而且一次比一次嚴重。今年四月,我嘗試用順勢療法清濕疹,皮膚出現超乎想像的嚴重大爆發,一發不可收拾,大約一個月後我轉用自己調配的濕疹消炎用植物油及金盞花軟膏,有傷口時配合膠性銀一起使用,傷口慢慢埋口,皮膚好轉,經過數次調整配方,我希望可以幫到其他有皮膚問題的人。

My baby still have some minor breakout sometimes, but it is under control with my formula now and it is more important to find out the allergy source if it is an internal cause. I have also added coconut oil / flaxseed oil, and some garlic in her daily meal after 8-month-old. Now I found eggs would cause her eczema, including the breastmilk after I’ve eaten anything contains eggs. This makes me a bit headache as this is a very common ingredient in food sold in HK.

我bb 現在間中也會再有濕疹復發,但可以用我的配方控制到,而且最重要的是找出致敏源頭,才可以根治/預防濕疹。8個月大之後我每天會加椰子油/亞麻籽油於固體食物中,有時也會加少少蒜頭。現在發現雞蛋是我bb的致敏源,我食過蛋之後的人奶也可引發她的濕疹,很不幸地在香港大部分市面上買的市物都含有蛋。


bbeczema bbeczema2 bbeczema3 Apr to May 2015

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What’s about my formula?

Eczema Rescue Oil 強效濕疹消炎油 HK$ 148 / 50g
(for severe eczema/allergy, must be used with calendula salve/oil balm) (嚴重濕疹/過敏專用,需配合金盞花軟膏/油膏使用)

– is a complicated blend of vegetable oil & essential oil for speedy rescue, stop itchy and soothing burn & red conditions, deep moisturizing.
強效濕疹消炎油 是由多種植物油與精油混合而成的配方,快速及有效地止痕、抗敏、退紅, 深層滋潤。

**We would make a mild version for babies who is under 6-month-old, this oil contains Comfrey which cannot be swallowed in high concentration. **6 個月以下嬰兒使用請找我們調配一支比較溫和的配方, 此配方含有聚合草,不可大量食落肚。

Key ingredients include Calendula infused oil (help wounds recovering), Evening Primrose oil, Comfrey infused oil (stop allergy & itchy), Avocado Oil (for deep penetration), Lavender oil (help wounds recovering), German Chamomile (Blue) oil (stop allergy & itchy), Myrrh (stop water comes out).
主要成份:金盞花浸泡油 (幫助傷口修復),月見草油,聚合草浸泡油 (止痕抗敏),牛油果油 (深層滋潤),薰衣草 (幫助傷口修復、止血),德國藍洋甘菊 (止痕抗敏),沒藥 (幫助改善出水情況)。

Calendula Salve 金盞花軟膏 HK$ 158 / 30g, HK$ 258 / 50g

– is an oil based balm, contains high % of Calendula infused oil, with Evening Primrose and Rosehip Oil, some Lavender, Patchouli and Tea Tree Oil, added organic Shea Butter and non-bleached natural beewax to lock moisture for long hours. It is mild but very effective for eczema, allergy, bug bites, cradle cap, diaper rash, etc. This can be used for new born babies. It can be used anytime, mini can size perfect for going out and put under pillow for using anytime throughout the night.
含大量金盞花浸泡油,加上月見草油、玫瑰果油、薰衣草、廣藿香及茶樹油,再加入有機乳木果脂及不經漂白的天然蜂蠟,達到長效保濕效果。對濕疹、過敏、蚊蟲釘咬、頭泥、尿疹都非常有效。 味道淡,配方溫和,初生嬰兒都可以使用。罐裝方便攜帶及放在枕頭下,方便晚上睡覺時隨時可以用到。


Calendula Salve


How to use my formula?

You may only use Calendula Salve when the allergy is not severe. 3﹣4 times a day or whenever in need.

When the eczema / allergy situation is serious, such as water comes out, open wounds, swollen and burns, etc, use Eczema Rescue Oil first, then Calendula Salve to lock the moisture after a while.
情況嚴重時,例如有出水,傷口,紅腫的情況,請先使用 強效濕疹消炎油,數分鐘後,再塗上一層金盞花軟膏作鎖水。

Colloidal Silver is recommended to use after cleansing when there’s open wounds.



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