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About my baby’s eczema 關於我bb 既濕疹

**照片可能會引起不安,慎入 **please beware that the photos might be scary for you   My baby is suffering from eczema since she was 1-month-old. After prolonged usage of steroid cream and non-steroid cream from dermatologist,… Continue reading

handmade modern Chinese bridal hair pieces 手製中式新娘頭飾

handmade modern Chinese bridal hair pieces 手製中式新娘頭飾 **accessories rental is included for bridal make up packages 飾品租借已包括在新娘化妝套餐內 pre-order of real/ fake flower crown and real flower hair pieces is now available 此外,現歡迎預訂新鮮或絲花花環… Continue reading

pre-order of flower crown and real flower hair pieces 訂製 鮮花花環 及 鮮花頭飾

pre-order of real/ fake flower crown and real flower hair pieces is now available 現歡迎預訂新鮮或絲花花環 及 鮮花頭飾 flower crown and real flower are great ideas for both pre-wedding and big day timeless, simple… Continue reading

My deal for Burning Skin in Summer

After numerous days of make up and lack of sleep, I pick this pack to sooth my skin this summer 化0左好多日妝,加上睡眠不足,皮膚有點疲倦和灼熱,於是選用了這個組合來修復和鎮靜我的皮膚,今天起來皮膚即時回復狀態 =D Step 1: Origins Age-defense Treatment Lotion with White Tea 白茶抗氧化化妝水 保水抗氧化,抗炎,鎮靜皮膚第一步,可配合用化妝棉塗抹,有效清除殘留皮膚上的污垢… Continue reading

2013 Bridal Looks + Latest Offer for No Shark Fin Wedding Banquet

2013 Bridal Looks my new wedding service website: my bridal make up philosophy 簡單的側放長髮造型配上黃色頭花,顯出完美肌膚的細緻底妝,高雅的氣質,是可以經歷時月的美 Timeless elegant beauty is a perfect skin foundation makeup, a simple half length wavy hair with yellow flower… Continue reading

BCL黑炭潔面皂+溫熱去黑頭粉刺清潔霜 Value Set

間中就會在log-on 找到這個value set,hkd75 有齊兩個產品,單買潔面皂的價錢一樣是hkd 75,所以支潔面霜是free ~ 之前介紹過這個潔面皂的玫瑰味 人氣潔面品!低刺激、潔淨泡泡洗面鹼! 溫熱去黑頭粉刺清潔霜 BCL Lab Hot Cleansing Cream 主要成份有蛋白分解酵素去溶解黑頭粉刺,以及沸石顆粒產生溫熱感覺,令毛孔張開,把毛孔內的黑頭粉刺和油脂溶解帶走,乾面用,主力用在鼻、鼻翼、下巴、眉間、兩邊面頰和額頭有粉刺和黑頭的位置,用手指集中在災區打圈約1分鐘,全面用或只在局部區域用都可以,溫熱程度大約似用熱毛巾敷面,剛剛好不會燙,但要避開眼晴,用後清潔效果要很不錯,我會keep 住用,大約一星期用2至3次吧~

Heavy Rain In The Dark Forest

walking across the dark forest alone under heavy rain May 2013 in Alishan, Taiwan 台灣阿里山 2013年5月

柏林諜變 The Berlin File

柏林諜變 The Berlin File 我又不覺得是甚麼ghost spy,但真係好好睇,南韓片一部比一部好看,已到國際水平,現在仍有韓味,希望接後的韓片都要保持著韓味,不要變成西片吧~ 劇情不想多說了,自己看吧~! I highly recommend this south korean movie

Nars Lover

Recently, I am a big fans of Nars I really love Nars products for my make up jobs & personal use.  Nars products are easy to use with wonderful finishing result for a… Continue reading


she dec 2013 in HongKong model peggy photo by kiara

  • 写真集『未来ちゃん』



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