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About my baby’s eczema 關於我bb 既濕疹

**照片可能會引起不安,慎入 **please beware that the photos might be scary for you   My baby is suffering from eczema since she was 1-month-old. After prolonged usage of steroid cream and non-steroid cream from dermatologist,… Continue reading

澳洲 Qubies Freezing Tray 香港現貨發售 at Poppyland Store HK

澳洲 Qubies Freezing Tray 香港現貨發售 at Poppyland Store http://www.facebook.com/poppylandstore

or email us at

Eightex 日本製 便携 BB 安全帶 Carry Free Baby Chair Belt

日本直送!HK$ 188 (包郵 或觀塘 office 自取) Eightex 便携 BB 安全帶,最啱外出食飯用!任何有椅背的凳都啱用! Carry Free Baby Chair Belt, great for eating out!! compatible with any chairs! 多色現貨/代訂 日本製 made in Japan Please visit our facebook page… Continue reading

Thermos 不銹鋼保溫杯 Stainless Steel Cup

日本直送! Thermos 保溫杯 Stainless Steel Keeping Warm/Cool Cup HK$ 152 (包郵/觀塘office 自取) (粉紅色 pink / 粉藍色 light blue /象牙色 Ivory yellow) 保溫 Keep Warm﹣ 粥仔 porridge、湯 soup、飲品 beverage 保冷 Keep Cool﹣ 雪糕 ice-cream、飲品… Continue reading

Qubies HK CNY Pre-order Sale at Poppyland Store

Qubies is Now Available at Poppyland Store HK!! Qubies Baby Food Freezing Tray 而家香港有得賣喇! Chinese New Year Pre-order Offer! 農曆新年預購優惠! 新春預購價 CNY Pre-order HK$ 110 !! (正價 Original Price HK$120) 最好用的嬰兒食物冷藏格,好玩,方便,容易清洗!一次過可以冰8粒食物冰粒,只需倒入已打爛的食物蓉 (240ml)/母乳,就可以放入冰格,冰完一扭就會變成一粒粒約30ml 一粒的冰粒,做好的冰粒放入密實袋存入冰箱就可以,每次煮粥仔或糊仔就可以加1至4粒唔同味道的菜、瓜、肉、果… Continue reading

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