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About my baby’s eczema 關於我bb 既濕疹

**照片可能會引起不安,慎入 **please beware that the photos might be scary for you   My baby is suffering from eczema since she was 1-month-old. After prolonged usage of steroid cream and non-steroid cream from dermatologist,… Continue reading

澳洲 Qubies Freezing Tray 香港現貨發售 at Poppyland Store HK

澳洲 Qubies Freezing Tray 香港現貨發售 at Poppyland Store

or email us at

Ficelle Hoppetta 六重紗防踢被 / 蘑菇被團購!

因為店主小女最近瞓覺反身太厲害,又不喜歡用包腳睡袋,而且就快到開冷氣的季節,踢走晒所有被實在好易冷病,所以大家一齊買啦! Ficelle Hoppetta / BOBO / Naomi Ito / SOULEIADO Sleeper 六重紗防踢被 HK$ 368 – 608,圖內有價錢 M Size 適合歲數 Age 0~3 L Size 適合歲數 Age 2~7 四季合用,夏天吸汗透氣,冬天保暖,差不多每個日本小朋友都係屋企著,唔會阻礙活動 日本製 made in Japan 100﹪ Cotton… Continue reading

Eightex 日本製 便携 BB 安全帶 Carry Free Baby Chair Belt

日本直送!HK$ 188 (包郵 或觀塘 office 自取) Eightex 便携 BB 安全帶,最啱外出食飯用!任何有椅背的凳都啱用! Carry Free Baby Chair Belt, great for eating out!! compatible with any chairs! 多色現貨/代訂 日本製 made in Japan Please visit our facebook page… Continue reading

Thermos 不銹鋼保溫杯 Stainless Steel Cup

日本直送! Thermos 保溫杯 Stainless Steel Keeping Warm/Cool Cup HK$ 152 (包郵/觀塘office 自取) (粉紅色 pink / 粉藍色 light blue /象牙色 Ivory yellow) 保溫 Keep Warm﹣ 粥仔 porridge、湯 soup、飲品 beverage 保冷 Keep Cool﹣ 雪糕 ice-cream、飲品… Continue reading

Qubies HK CNY Pre-order Sale at Poppyland Store

Qubies is Now Available at Poppyland Store HK!! Qubies Baby Food Freezing Tray 而家香港有得賣喇! Chinese New Year Pre-order Offer! 農曆新年預購優惠! 新春預購價 CNY Pre-order HK$ 110 !! (正價 Original Price HK$120) 最好用的嬰兒食物冷藏格,好玩,方便,容易清洗!一次過可以冰8粒食物冰粒,只需倒入已打爛的食物蓉 (240ml)/母乳,就可以放入冰格,冰完一扭就會變成一粒粒約30ml 一粒的冰粒,做好的冰粒放入密實袋存入冰箱就可以,每次煮粥仔或糊仔就可以加1至4粒唔同味道的菜、瓜、肉、果… Continue reading

handmade modern Chinese bridal hair pieces 手製中式新娘頭飾

handmade modern Chinese bridal hair pieces 手製中式新娘頭飾 **accessories rental is included for bridal make up packages 飾品租借已包括在新娘化妝套餐內 pre-order of real/ fake flower crown and real flower hair pieces is now available 此外,現歡迎預訂新鮮或絲花花環… Continue reading

pre-order of flower crown and real flower hair pieces 訂製 鮮花花環 及 鮮花頭飾

pre-order of real/ fake flower crown and real flower hair pieces is now available 現歡迎預訂新鮮或絲花花環 及 鮮花頭飾 flower crown and real flower are great ideas for both pre-wedding and big day timeless, simple… Continue reading

Heavy Rain In The Dark Forest

walking across the dark forest alone under heavy rain May 2013 in Alishan, Taiwan 台灣阿里山 2013年5月

柏林諜變 The Berlin File

柏林諜變 The Berlin File 我又不覺得是甚麼ghost spy,但真係好好睇,南韓片一部比一部好看,已到國際水平,現在仍有韓味,希望接後的韓片都要保持著韓味,不要變成西片吧~ 劇情不想多說了,自己看吧~! I highly recommend this south korean movie

  • 写真集『未来ちゃん』



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