Sofina Primavista 柔亮持久粉餅 Powder Foundation UV (Long Keep)

這個Sofina Primavista 柔亮持久粉餅 Powder Foundation UV (Long Keep)是最近兩個月每天都會用的two-way cake (兩用粉餅),比起之前用shu uemura 既UV two-way (黑色盒),這個sofina的粉明顯地比較細緻,貼服和持久,可以做出自然又透亮的美肌效果,而且有7個不同色調選擇,可以找到適合自己亞洲人膚色的粉底。


平日工作或外出的時候,我都會在使用sana 豆乳uv 化妝下地後,抹上two-way cake,化簡單的妝便出門,方便快捷,節省不少時間又可以整整齊齊的見人啊~~~ 下午輕輕用紙巾印一印出油的位置,再輕輕補上亦不失自然效果,不會變得一堆堆厚重的粉底,這個絕對是強烈推介~!!

This is the two-way foundation which I am using everyday in these 2 months. This foundation provides a fine, delicate and natural finishing, well fit and long lasting on our skin. There are 7 different color tones where we could find the right shade for our skin, esp. for Asian faces.

This foundation is formulated with a newly invented foundation powder particles which can be perfectly applied on and smooth rough skin, it would not be clogged with imperfections on our faces.

I highly recommend this foundation for daily use. I use this two-way foundation with sana soya milk uv make-up base everyday, time saving for a nice make-up for going to work or leisure. I would use tissue paper to slightly absorb face oil in the afternoon, then re-apply this foundation for a light and natural touch up.